Interesting Gear: Baja Board


The engineering masterpiece and off-terrain monster the Australian Baja Board. Now shipping from Germany, although it is not clear if it is also supported by the German distributor/warehouse, as opposed to having to get fixes and parts from Australia. I love the engineering and looks, but at €4.500 it is way above my next board budget {sigh}. Lovely.

Baja board red_grande

Youtube Advert for Baja Board

Interesting Gear: Next Boards


Ever wondered what the world speed record is for an electric longboard? It is a very scary 60mp/h (95.8 km/h) by Mischo Erban using a prototype from the Slovenia company  Next Boards.

Their high-spec carbon-fiber production board (but not the best looker) is currently available for pre-order.



The top Speed depends on the battery ordered, with the top-spec 12S battery taking the board up to a supposed 68 mph (110km/h).


  • Deck length 103 cm
  • Deck wheelbase 75 cm
  • Weight 800 g only
  • Motors 4x NGV 2000W 180kv BLDC inwheel motors

Video of Wolrd Record:

Interesting Gear: JayKay E-trucks

The Germann company JayKay have been developing their innovative electric board trucks (battery and hub-motor in the trucks) and wireless gesture controls for some time. The new wireless controller uses arm gestures, rather than the initial finger movement detection.

I really like the idea, as with the interesting Mellow kit, of fitting the motor parts to your own boards; it would be great to add something like this to my beloved old-style pintails. My main reservation with the JayKay is just the strength of the small battery built into the trucks, but one to watch and see how it matures.



Interesting Gear: Raven-1

Raven 1

Spotted a new interesting European e-board maker, Arex Motors, based in Lithuania with their Raven-1 board. Sold in the usual 1 and 2 belt-motor configurations, using lightweight airline-approved batteries. Currently being promoted for advance orders on Indiegogo.

There are lots of new e-boards now out (counted over 20 this year – most of them direct from China) and, unless you are very competent mechanically and electrically, I would hold off on any new maker until they have proven themselves. There are just way too many case-studies of new e-board launches with long delays, recalls, poor support and, quite frankly, board disasters. I will stick with our long-termers for now, but watch interestingly how Arex and others get on.

Raven 2