European Makers & Shops

  • The following are European (including the UK – don’t get me started on Brexit!) makers of decks, completes, truck, e-boards etc. that I am aware of.
  • European Manufacturers (conventional & e-boards)
  • Shops/Retailers
  • E-board Suppliers

EU Manufacturers & Sellers – Conventional

The following is a list of European conventional push longboard makers that I know of. If I have missed someone, please let me know.

Note: “board” = complete assembled deck, truck, bearings & wheels

Buying in the UK

Surrey Skateboards
Surrey Skateboards
 The following are European retailers and shops I have used and got good service from:
  • Some shops are more skateboard, than longboard, orientated and don’t stock much longboard parts. Noting that some skateboard and longboard parts are interchangeable.
  • There are a lot of good European shops, with good service, who stock more of the beautiful wooden German and Austrian made boards that are harder to get from UK shops. All speak English and shipping is free.

Apologies to anyone I have missed off, especially if you have helped at some time – just let me know and I will add you.

To see a list of interesting gear that has caught my eye, use this search: The Gear I Like

EU Manufacturers & Sellers – Electric

The following is a list of suppliers and manufacturers of e-boards and e-board kits available in Europe, that I know of – meaning they can be bought within Europe without import taxes and have support, so issues can be fixed without needing to send back to China or the USA.

Note: there are so many new companies now setting up, that I can easily have missed someone. Equally, right now, many of these start-ups go bust within months, so buy carefully. Please let me know if I have missed someone or someone is no longer in business.

Personal Comment

Just my personal view on buying an e-board currently in the UK. Right now, you are still a little bit limited for quality options. Given, I would have customer service and ease of fixing problems at the top of my requirements list, I would be happy to buy from the following:

Boosted Boards I think don’t yet have in-country support (it is back to the USA) but they are so good and quick on the customer service front that I would have no issues getting another, even if I have to order parts from the USA; plus this pay the import VAT and duty. The French company, Unik Boards, are also new to me but I would have a high-degree of confidence given they are using many Trampa Board parts and the few reports I have seen are very favourable.

The very well regarded, and even better priced, Meepo and Wowgo boards are is now including in the price: shipping and import duty, but support will still be from China, For me, however, this is less of an issue than most direct from China boards as not only is their customer service very well regarded by the community, but you can obtain individual components; although it is not clear if these parts or the kit are covered for shipping and import duty.

Koowheel I think now have a distributor in the UK, but I am not sure of their in-country support, it may still be back-to-China (someone please clarify if you know either way). The Irish company Fin Boards, Spanish Ride Unlimited and German EUskating are new to me and I would want to know more about them and their reputation, it is just too easy for start-ups to launch and be gone in a matter of months.

The rest of the market personally I would hold off on right now until they are more established and can show they will be still around in a few years to come, including absolutely everything Crowdsourcing and all the horde of cheap direct-from-China clones.

A few companies like Metroboard, Predator Boards and a few others are getting good community reports, however, don’t yet retail or support in the UK (again please correct me if I am wrong).

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you want; if you want that unique only from Australia, USA or China, go for it – but just remember, ALL e-boards break, and we ALL break them, at some point… then what?.