Meepo now includes Import Tax

meepo v1.5

The very well regarded, and competitively priced, Meepo v1.5 hub-motor e-board is now priced with shipping and import tax (duty and VAT) to the EU, as well as the US.  This is great news as not only is it a good spec board for less than £500 (I have tested the v1 and v1.5 looks even better), but their customer support is very well regarded and, importantly, you can purchase individual components or it all as a kit. This makes fixing issues, although from China, much easier than other similar £500 options.

tax faq
Meepo FAQ

Cost (at time of writing) is £302.52 for the std battery and £446.92 for the more powerful Sanyo model. Cost is the same for either the short 30″ or my preference, the longer 38″.

meepo short


Interesting Gear: Ridge EL1


Ridge, the Liverpool (UK) based company have brought out a small, almost a penny board 27″ deck, in-hub motor e-board called the EL1, that weighs only 3.5kg. The main thing, however, besides the obvious European support is that it is only £350. My first thought was “toy”, but reading the Esk8 review on their site, it needs to be taken seriously as a small high portable fun deck.

Esk8 Sweeden also did a good video review:  youtube review

Video review of small e-boards


Interesting Gear: Baja Board


The engineering masterpiece and off-terrain monster the Australian Baja Board. Now shipping from Germany, although it is not clear if it is also supported by the German distributor/warehouse, as opposed to having to get fixes and parts from Australia. I love the engineering and looks, but at €4.500 it is way above my next board budget {sigh}. Lovely.

Baja board red_grande

Youtube Advert for Baja Board

Interesting Gear: Next Boards


Ever wondered what the world speed record is for an electric longboard? It is a very scary 60mp/h (95.8 km/h) by Mischo Erban using a prototype from the Slovenia company  Next Boards.

Their high-spec carbon-fiber production board (but not the best looker) is currently available for pre-order.



The top Speed depends on the battery ordered, with the top-spec 12S battery taking the board up to a supposed 68 mph (110km/h).


  • Deck length 103 cm
  • Deck wheelbase 75 cm
  • Weight 800 g only
  • Motors 4x NGV 2000W 180kv BLDC inwheel motors

Video of Wolrd Record:

Interesting Gear: JayKay E-trucks

The Germann company JayKay have been developing their innovative electric board trucks (battery and hub-motor in the trucks) and wireless gesture controls for some time. The new wireless controller uses arm gestures, rather than the initial finger movement detection.

I really like the idea, as with the interesting Mellow kit, of fitting the motor parts to your own boards; it would be great to add something like this to my beloved old-style pintails. My main reservation with the JayKay is just the strength of the small battery built into the trucks, but one to watch and see how it matures.