Update: Grip tape on Alfie

2017-07-17 20.16.45

Finally got around to putting grip-tape (first time I have put grip-tape on) on my Kaliber Wild Afric Affe, affectionbately now known as ‘Alfie”.

I had lots of ideas on fancy cut-out geometric patterns, including the map of the river Thames (I will do this some day), a big African tree, and a zebra; however, in the end, my alignment and cutting skills were the limiting factors and I ended up with a much simpler pattern. I found that although I could draw out patterns on the back of the grip-tape, the knives I had would snag too much and leave rough edges, especially on curves. Cutting from the top, the rough side, was much more effective in getting smooth lines, but difficult as you can not draw on it.

Thankfully I had ordered lots of grip-tape: 60″ for a 40″ board, so I could learn and throw away my bad attempts. In the end, I opted for a simple cover with just some curves cut in the end and then cover for the ends.

Covering and trimming the grip-tape is quite easy (a few videos demonstrate it well), if this was completely covering a skateboard, rather than trying to make intricate precise geometric patterns on a longboard, it would be easy and completed in a few minutes. Next time…



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