Interesting Gear: Shred Skate

shred skate

So an interesting option for those wanting to add their own designs Shred Skate will ship blank wooden boards, with a massive collection including some nice looking walnut boards (not tried one, so can’t comment on the feel/flex etc). Their boards are relatively inexpensive, importantly for me below the import duty threshold for buying from the USA, so not that expensive to import (note: their shipping seems relatively expensive – and will contact them to see if there is a slower cheaper option).

Wood burning a design into the board, using a soldering iron type device (or even a soldering iron) or even carving a custom pattern in using a Dremel type device (or a Dremel) is relatively easy. Personally, for the look, I would probably burn in a personal pattern, rather than carve, but both are not that hard to do with a good template and a bit of patience.

Example: Hobbycraft wood burner

shred skate2


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