Board for my young son

My older boy and I longboard (on the rare times he is happy to hang-out with his dad!), but I have wanted to get my younger son, aged 7, also out.

I have been looking for something secondhand for a while, but finally gave in when a smaller version of my Atom drop-through for sale (£40 new) – an Atom blue 36″ drop-through.


I was initially looking for something around 32″, but it was actually the width of the baby Atom, at 9″, that persuaded me, plus I trusted Atom based on my first board, the Atom 41 Green drop-through. The width was important as if too wide my 7-year-old would have to keep shuffling to really make his heel-and-toe pressure effective.  I also added soft 78a (Independent Trucks) bushings to the trucks to help him turn/carve, given he only weighs under 30kg.

2017-06-21 17.56.12

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