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I set this site up to help those interested in getting into longboarding (especially the youthful older ones like me, who may not have skateboard/longboarded for a long time :->) and to highlight some of the less well-known small time longboard makers, who are making this sport and pastime a real joy right now.

When I started, (which is not that long ago) it was somewhat confusing, having not skateboarded before. I have tried to capture all the various things I have learned in taking up longboarding.

There is no commercial intent behind this site and I make no money from it – this is just me rambling on and trying to help.


I am no longboard, or skateboard, expert; just someone who has taken it up, loved it and learned many things on the way. I suppose it is also worth mentioning I am relatively old (50+), not because it is a constraint or something negative, but to encourage others that you can start at any age or start again if you used to skateboard many years ago.

Other background information on me, I live in London in the UK and have a family, some who longboard with me.


My current longboards are my cruising Atom 41″ Green Drop-Through – my first longboard, the one that got me started.


A self-assembled mongrel using a beautiful Hackbrett Balance deck, Paris V2 trucks, Venom bushings, Hawg Mini Monster wheels and Bones Race Red bearings.


A baby Atom, a 36″ Blue drop-through for my 7-year-old (with very soft bushings).


An electric Yuneec E-Go (when my older son is not using it) and, yes, I know it is cheating, but it is fun!

yneec e-go

A Kaliber Wild Africa Affe (“Alfie”), with Paris V2s, big Kegel wheels and my own grip-tape work.

A Zenit AB deck arriving soon.

zenit ab

.. and a Jungle Longboards’ custom pintail being built.

jungle longboards

and a, yet to be named, Hecs Decks on order.

hecs new1

As you can easily guess the type of longboards I like are the natural wood styles boards, although there are some of the all-metal and carbon boards that also make it these pages.

To see a list of interesting gear that has caught my eye, use this search: The Gear I Like


Any questions or suggestions:

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