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I set this site up to help those interested in getting into longboarding or e-boarding (especially the youthful older ones like me, who may not have skateboarded for a long time :->) and to highlight some of the less well-known small time longboard makers, including many Europeans, who are making this sport and pastime a real joy right now.

I have tried to capture all the various things I have learned in taking up longboarding and e-boarding to help anyone else looking to take it up – which I thoroughly recommend, it is a lot of fun.

There is no commercial intent behind this site and I make no money from it and get no freebies – this is just me rambling on and trying to help.



I am no longboard, or skateboard, expert; just someone who has taken it up later in life (a dad with two boys who, thankfully, let me longboard with them) and learned much on the way.

We live in London in the UK and longboard, both traditional push and electric, around the local neighborhood or when we go traveling.

boards - topside
L-R: Hackbrett Balance; Hecs Decks Fish; Kaliber Wild Africa Affe; Curfboard; Zenit AB; Jungle Pintail; Hecs Decks King Louis


Our current stable is made up of:

Hackbrett Balance
Hecs Decks Fish
Kaliber Wild Africa Affe
Zenit AB
Jungle Pin Tail
Hecs Decks King Louis
Atom 41″ Green
Atom 36″ Blue
Boosted V2 Dual
Yuneec E-Go

Bronson G3
Bones Race Reds
Oust Moc7 Speed
Venom ABEC 11
Zealous Green
50º Paris V2
50º Paris Adam Colton
50º Gullwing Charger
70mm Blood Orange 84a Liam Morgan
70mm Hawg 82a Mini Monster
70mm Walzen 78a Insul
70mm Metro 80a Motion
77mm Metro 78a Express
80mm Oranatang 80a Kegel

More information can be found under my-gear and in the blog section.


Any questions or suggestions:

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